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Private Sessions

If you're looking to begin, or develop your yoga practice, the best way to work is on a one to one basis. In private sessions we can create a practice that meets your needs; physically, mentally, and event spiritually.

As a qualified counsellor, and a yoga therapist in training, I have a wide range of techniques that are woven into a one to one. My approach is person-centred, meaning that I will let you dictate the path that we are working along.

Private sessions allow us the space to focus on what you're seeking to gain from the sessions, and work towards that in a structured, systematic way. Sessions begin with an assessment, where we look at where you are right now, where you'd like to be, and the potential route in that direction. A one-off session is possible, and of course fruitful - but I generally recommend a minimum of five sessions if you'd like to see long-lasting progress. Some clients choose to have sessions with me on a short-term basis, whilst others work with me for months, and even years, enjoying the benefits that these personalised sessions provide.


In-person 121's are priced at £45 per hour session, plus room hire where necessary, with a surcharge of £20 for additional persons. These sessions can take place in your own home, in a studio, or in an outdoor space such as the beach or a park. A block booking of five 121's is £200

Online 121's are priced at £40 per hour session, with a surcharge of £10 for additional persons. The sessions take place on Zoom in the comfort of your own home. A block booking of five online 121's is £175.

If you feel that you would really benefit from private sessions, but are facing financial hardship, please get in touch as I can offer some subsidised sessions through Salt & Light Retreat.

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