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regular classes

if you'd like to keep up your practice between classes, there is a wide range of pre-recorded online classes available here


10-11am Yoga for All - Vivian Hall (Blackpill)


An accessible practice that will still challenge you! Improving strength and flexibility in interesting and curious ways, everybody is welcome to yoga for all.

5.45-6.45pm Beginners Yoga - Swansea Wellbeing Centre

A fun, playful practice that will challenge you in surprising ways! This class is suitable for those looking to begin, or develop a strong foundation to their yoga practice.


6-7pm Vinyasa Yoga - Down to Earth Project (Cilibion, Reynoldston)

A more dynamic, fluid, and curiously playful practice that encourage you to move in a variety of ways. This class is suitable for those who want to get out of their minds, and into their bodies, with a heating, powerful practice.

7.15-8.15pm - Down to Earth Project (Cilibion, Reynoldston)

After Vinyasa Yoga there are sometimes special classes, such as Yoga Nidra, Chant & Chat and Moon Gatherings. Every first Wednesday of the month is Yoga Nidra. Please check for the most up to date events.


Private Classes

A great way to improve your yoga practice is in a 121 setting. Students usually prefer to have private classes in the comfort of their own home, however it is possible to hire a space instead. I currently have availability for private classes (for individuals and small groups). Contact me for more details. Price is £45 / 5 for £200. If you would prefer an online 121, it is £40/5 for £180 Some concessions available, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if this is beyond your budget - I believe that everybody should be able to access the benefits of yoga.

Want to do something different for your birthday, hen party or other special event? Get in touch and we can integrate yoga and wellbeing into your day.

Corporate Yoga 


Does your workplace have a space for a yoga session, or might your colleagues enjoy a private online session each week? Yoga in the workplace, or online can help you to not only be more comfortable in your body during the working day, but also reduce stress and improve the ability to focus. Get in touch if you would like to know more about a variety of wellbeing services available for your team .


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